A web developer from Melbourne, Australia

Hello, my name is Michael 👋

I'm a web developer from Australia.

I make fast, accessible websites and web apps. Hire me to build you a website, teach you to code or DJ at your wedding (I hope you like Deftones).

Take a look at my work, read my blog or get in touch!

  • Award winningOrganisations that employ me win more awards, gain more notoriety, and afford more luxury yachts.
  • CSS / SCSS WizardI conjur up spells and summon demons to make your strange dreams a reality. Or something.
  • Semantic HTML-erI write accessible, SEO-friendly mark-up from the ground up!
    + Vanilla JS, Vue, React, jQuery, PHP, Express/Node & more.

Full-stack web developer / unicorn

Under construction 👷‍♀️